How To Treat Swollen and Sore Gums

How To Treat Swollen and Sore Gums

Swollen gums are also almost the same as toothache, usually due to the appearance of swollen gums there are various as a result of cavities or other, swollen gums not only pain that we feel but also very disturbing in our comfort. In addition, swollen gums are very torture of someone and some even complain because of it.

Actually a lot of drugs sold in the market for both swollen gums and toothache. But the drugs are less safe for our health, it could be if one chooses the drug will affect other diseases, generally there are various medications every time we buy different drugs must be given to us, so if using drugs in the market is good to be careful.

It would be nice if we try to treat swollen gums in a natural way, in addition to safe we do not need to think about the side effects caused. Besides treating swollen gums or toothache is naturally cheaper even for free. To treat swollen gums then that need to know first cause the swollen gums as follows.


Toothache is an early cause of swollen gum disease, usually the result of severe toothache. Swollen gums will appear if toothache has been weeks.


Teeth cavities can also make swollen gums, because all the food will enter into the hole on the teeth that have visible gums, food that goes into cavities will experience decay, now from the decay that, will be appears swollen gums.

Stirrup teeth

Stirrup teeth can also cause swollen gums because if placed too tightly to make the gums feel depressed then the gums can cause irritation.

Food too sweet

Overly sweet foods can also make swollen gums and toothache, usually too sweet foods will rot by turning into acidic substances, this acid substance that can damage the teeth and gums.

There are many causes of swollen gums such as vitamin C deficiency, pregnant women and others. After knowing the cause of swollen gums then we will overcome and treat swollen gums naturally as follows.


You can treat your swollen gums by gargling with salt water, lemon juice and warm water, how to mix salt or lemon into warm water then gargle-rinse, finish.

Clove Oil, Honey and Red Onion

Clove oil, honey and red onions can also treat and overcome swollen gums by grabbing one of the three (clove oil, honey, and red onion) and then apply to swollen gums using cotton or just with fingers.

Press swollen gums

This method is a quick way to overcome swollen gums, this way I’ve done and proven to overcome swollen gums by pressure on swollen gums, usually when pressed will come out the rotten food in the swollen gums. if rotten food out of gums will experience healing.

Vitamin C

The cause of swollen gums may be due to vitamin c deficiency, how to treat swollen gums with vitamin C can also though not directly but can be gradual on swelling of swollen gums.

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